Ellen cuts paper

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A part of an ongoing project exploring questions raised from research on heritage and conservation.

Hand cut paper.

Seasonal stars

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A quick set of Christmas cards, decorated with old paper scraps from left over projects.

I wanted the cards to be small, using minimal paper, as Christmas is only one short time of the year. The cards had to have a visually effective design but had to be simple enough so that it was quick to assemble. I wanted the cards to be able to stand freely on flat surfaces as well as sit easily on a tree if that was what the receiver wanted. The cards were addressed to my new neighbours so the small area for text was perfect for a short and sweet message. The tactile handmade nature of the cards meant that I got many thankful replies and warm winter wishes.

Paper Lettering

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A project using paper to imitate the strokes of a pen.

Each letter is made from two coloured papers to highlight the different ‘strokes’.

Book machine

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A proposal for a print on demand printing system designed for research and work documents.

My aim was to make books such as study textbooks become less precious, encouraging people to make a book their own and engage with the material. I also wanted to encourage an easier way of reviewing work and editing it physically.

The system would print on a long concertina of perforated paper, whilst printing page numbers, title and author on the reverse. The end product allows the reader to actively work with the text, move it around and book mark the edges of the paper.

Paper cuts

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An ongoing project of making paper cuts as a result from my fascination in paper.

In your company

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The brief was to design an eatery.
I used the idea of getting people together as my core concept. Food would be brought and taken away in a bag that would open out into a picnic mat. Food is held in one container for people to share. The container folds out flat into a larger eating surface. Illustrations of random objects are used on the packaging to encourage conversation in those awkward moments. Small cups are used with bottled drinks. More chances to offer your friends a top up. The cups all have a different illustration each. Here the illustrations also act as an easier way of recognising who’s cup’s who’s.

The Milk tree books

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A collection of hand bound books, experimenting with different combinations of papers and textures as a means of putting my paper and ribbon collections to use. The little paper swatches show the combinations of paper used within every book.

From left to right:

. recycled corrugated cardboard cover
. hand printed paper cover
. illustration reprint cover
. vintage map cover
. machine stitched paper cover
. experimental hand printed cover


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A team-work challenge to create a product that sells air. Working with Marina Valdizan, we chose smell and decided to sell the scents of British sights. Our product took the form of a three dimensional standing card as a twist on the traditional holiday postcard souvenir.

Photo journal

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I used the idea of tickets to create a little box of memories. I chose to print the pictures small and collect the memories into a petite travel size box to place emphasis on the importance of the memory that is valuable to myself.